Commercial Services

We offer a comprehensive list of commercial landscaping and maintenance services.

Line Painting

Our Line Painting service provides all parking lot painting needs. This includes re-striping faded parking lines, curb and pedestrian walkway painting, as well as custom stenciling (including arrows, numbering and handicap stalls).

Parking Lot Sweeping

Our sweeping service is available in spring to remove winter’s mess of dust, rocks, sand, gravel and debris from your commercial site.

Lawn Maintenance

Our commercial lawn maintenance is a comprehensive service that can be customized to suit your needs. Services include, but is not limited to regular lawn mowing, shrub bed and tree maintenance, spring/fall clean-up, watering, core aeration and fertilizing.

Parking Lot Snow Clearing

Our Parking Lot snow clearing service provides 24 hour, 7 days/week coverage with work performed after hours tailored to your needs and to meet requested snowfall level standards. This provides you with roads and parking lots that are safe and accessible.

Snow Hauling

Our snow hauling service can be performed for any amount of snow and is available upon request.

Parking Lot Sanding

Our Parking Lot sanding service helps to control and reduce icy and snowy conditions within your commercial site. Sanding can be completed after each parking lot clearing, or can be offered on a call-out basis at your discretion. A partial sanding service is also available in the event that you require your high traffic areas attended to more often than the rest of the property. This service puts the focus where it needs to be and helps keep your budget on track.

Sidewalk Snow Clearing

Our sidewalk snow clearing service provides 24 hour service, 7 days/week with snow clearing taking place just before your specific hours of operation. This ensures your areas will always be accessible and you are observing all necessary bylaws. Spreading ice melt is also available upon request.