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What is a grading repair?

Grading repairs are a term used when your property has problems with water pooling, or not efficiently draining to designated spot i.e., front street gutter, off the back side of your lot. In some cases, there is a concrete swale that the developer has installed to ensure your water runoff does not get hung up in any of the yards in your area to protect everyone’s property from water damage.

What’s happening in the video?

As can be seen in the video, there were two barriers causing challenges to the grade repair being undertaken:

  1. There was a huge spruce tree in the front yard causing a large hump in the centre of the yard, and the huge stump due to 40 years of growth and complex root system.
  2. Negative draining towards the foundation of the home, resulting from the foundation sinking over the years.

Solution: We determined that it was most efficient to extract the entire front yard along the right side of the property to rid of the giant roots and stump. Subsequently, landscape edging was installed to outline the plant be area to create a space for the homeowner to plant shrubs and install mulch after we finished the final grade and sod installation.

Yard Grading Repairs FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about grading repairs. Have a question we didn’t cover? No problem, just give us a call!

Who needs grading repair services?2022-03-30T08:48:33-06:00

If you are having a problem with water pooling in your yard or have water that flows towards the foundation of your home, you should have your lot grading looked into. The biggest benefit to having your lot grading corrected is it is the first line of defense to protect your home from taking on unwanted basement leaking or flooding. Grading also protects the structural integrity and health of your landscaping, walkways, driveway etc.

What’s the process for a grading repair?2022-03-27T10:36:45-06:00

The first step is for one of our consultants have a look at your property. We can usually identify quickly what area of your lot is having issues from a visual inspection.

In a situation where the repair can become very technical, we will usually book a further investigation into what is happening with the drainage. In this process we will have the problem area of the lot surveyed and the data recorded for us to review with the customer to show them what needs to be done in order to get the lot to drain properly. With this data we can figure out an accurate scope of work that allows us to give the customer a fixed cost to have the work done.

Do you offer any warranty of grading repairs?2022-03-27T10:37:22-06:00

We do offer warranty on our workmanship to ensure the drainage is repaired and the water runoff has been rectified.

What type of equipment does GTS use?2022-03-29T11:50:51-06:00

GTS owns and operates its own fleet of equipment.

Excavation and Grading Equipment, both compact and large in size

Given the diverse fleet and range of sizes we have, any task can be made effortless such as tearing out a driveway or removing soil (other materials) from a tight spot.

Dump Trucks

Offers full control as to when materials are offloaded or loaded. Allows GTS to monitor scheduled loads coming and going to match the production needs of a days work. Avoids a surplus of products/materials sitting on the road.

Street Sweeper

Can be parked at the jobsite to sweep any debris that falls to the ground in the loading/offloading process.
Ensures jobsite streets and sidewalks are maintained and kept clean throughout the duration of project.

Why is GTS a good fit for landscape renovations to existing properties?2022-03-27T10:14:59-06:00

GTS has done small and large scale renovations, specifically on older properties, for many years. The owner has found his niche resides in renovating older established properties over new house build projects. GTS prides itself on performing large renovations where the project area of the original property is torn out and very strategically put back together in a fashion where everything new blends into the existing yard. Our goal is to always leave no trace that we were there. GTS is of the belief that any yard has the potential to be transformed, but most importantly the new yard needs to blend with any remaining existing yard and equally as importantly, property lines shared with neighbours.

Typically, older homes are subject to drainage problems due to settlement in areas and/or large trees have grown that completely change the topography of surrounding area. When planning a renovation, GTS considers all the grading, slopes and overall topography to ensure that any existing or potential problems are addressed and repaired. Grading problems can be very technical and challenging in nature. GTS appreciates that no two lots, or homes are the same, but fortunately the crew have ample experience to take on any new challenge. The ever-changing challenges make no two days the same and keep the team motivated.

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