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St. Albert Landscaping Construction Experts

We offer many lawn and landscape services and provide custom advice to suit any design. GTS Landscaping is here to help renovate your yard. We are best known for our experience in technical lot grading, paving stone installations, and incorporating natural rock and organic mulches into our design work.

Our landscape construction services include:

  • Paving stone installations

  • Natural rock installations

  • Lawn replacement

  • Grading repairs

  • Concrete removal

  • Tree and stump removal

  • Tree, shrub, and perennial installations

  • Automated irrigation systems

  • Retaining wall construction

Landscape Construction FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about our landscape construction services. Have a question we didn’t cover? No problem, just give us a call!

What is softscaping vs hardscaping?2022-03-29T11:35:06-06:00

Modern landscaping refers to the designing, planning, and construction of gardens and other features that both create useable space for outdoor activities, and enhance the appearance around a home. Hardscaping would be the aspect that includes non-organic materials such as paving stones, rock installations, retaining walls, firepits, and more. Softscaping would then refer to planting designs, grading, and mulching.

What type of equipment does GTS use?2022-03-29T11:50:51-06:00

GTS owns and operates its own fleet of equipment.

Excavation and Grading Equipment, both compact and large in size

Given the diverse fleet and range of sizes we have, any task can be made effortless such as tearing out a driveway or removing soil (other materials) from a tight spot.

Dump Trucks

Offers full control as to when materials are offloaded or loaded. Allows GTS to monitor scheduled loads coming and going to match the production needs of a days work. Avoids a surplus of products/materials sitting on the road.

Street Sweeper

Can be parked at the jobsite to sweep any debris that falls to the ground in the loading/offloading process.
Ensures jobsite streets and sidewalks are maintained and kept clean throughout the duration of project.

Why choose GTS Landscaping?2022-03-30T08:48:00-06:00

GTS Landscaping is privately owned and operated. The owner demonstrated a keen interest in anything motorized from a very young age. In his teenage years, he gained experience on heavy duty farm equipment, and eventually earth moving and excavating equipment. In his early years of work, he discovered a love of working outdoors, all while operating machines. By the age of 20, he saw an opportunity to take his experience and apply it to his own business. He initially established himself by working directly for new home builders completing the final grading around homes, installing topsoil and sod on the new lots. This work led to the name of his company: Grading, Topsoil, Sod Landscaping. Naturally, the homeowners in the communities he was working, would seek him out to complete their full yards. As most successful business grow, he started getting referrals from previous happy customers which led the company into some of the older areas of St. Albert and Edmonton. GTS soon discovered a passion for working through the challenges that come with older establishments-no two jobs were the same. GTS has definitely identified some of the obstacles of working in older neighborhoods, specifically the amount of messy dirt work often impacting neighbors, the loud noises of machinery disturbing surrounding homes, etc. GTS discovered that the surrounding community of neighbors needs to be considered while occupying the area. GTS has innovatively found ways to dispose of old materials being removed and the new materials being installed without blocking access on public streets and or walkways. GTS has achieved its innovative approach by investing in specialty equipment which reduces the amount of manpower required for each task and has allowed them to deliver good products efficiently and with little disturbance to the surrounding homes. It has been found that the identified approach makes for a much more enjoyable experience for the homeowner.

What steps are involved in a yard renovation or upgrade?2022-03-27T10:18:31-06:00

STEP 1: Customer calls or emails the office

Office staff will obtain preliminary information from the customer, specifically the type/scope of job you would like to have completed. The office would consult the existing work schedule and advise of timelines for when an estimator could take a look at the property in question, and rough timelines when the job itself would fit into the schedule (weather and other uncontrolled variables considered). Consideration and respect of customers schedule is always taken into account.

STEP 2: Determine requirement for an on-site visit

Onsite visit: Based on preliminary data collected, the office will identify the need for an onsite meeting with the owner. An onsite visit consists of a walk around the property in question with the customer present. An onsite visit is recommended in cases where the customer has many questions, requires input and feels experience is necessary to initiate the process. In some cases, an onsite visit allows our team to identify areas that require attention that hadn’t been previously considered and assist the customer to gain a better visual of the scope of the project. It allows both GTS and the customer to discuss expectations on both sides. It is a free visit with no pressure to book the job, rather gather information and ideas.

Telephone Quote: In situations where the customer is looking to have their front lawn torn out, and new sod laid, the office is able to collect some information over the phone, most specifically yard measurements. GTS commonly performs these types of job, thus the office can promptly complete a quote for the customer without the requirement of an on-site visit.

Step 3: Preparation and discussion of budget with Customer

If the customer would like to proceed with the project as discussed, GTS will calculate a preliminary/rough budget to cover the project. This step a.) provides the customer with a price point of their proposed project, b.) assists the customer in determining if their budget aligns with the scope of the project, and c.) whether the customer would like to proceed with the project and obtain more a more detailed outlined of the scope of the project and firm pricing outlined in a formal quote. Job scheduling will be discussed at this point. Given the unpredictability of Alberta’s weather, timelines can change, but we certainly do our best.

Step 4: Final design, product selection and formal quote.

Where the customer requires assistance in creating a final design and layout of the project, GTS will obtain accurate measurements of the site and complete the customers’ product selection. We understand that some customers have already completed their own design and have chosen materials. In both situations, GTS will proceed to obtain accurate measurements of the site and product selection so they can firm up the costs of the construction involved to complete the project.

Step 5: Provide accurate quote and book a time slot in schedule

Customer is presented with a formal written quote with a detailed description of job and exact breakdown of costs. Once all parties agree with final price and anticipated timeframe for project start, the job is booked

Why is GTS a good fit for landscape renovations to existing properties?2022-03-27T10:14:59-06:00

GTS has done small and large scale renovations, specifically on older properties, for many years. The owner has found his niche resides in renovating older established properties over new house build projects. GTS prides itself on performing large renovations where the project area of the original property is torn out and very strategically put back together in a fashion where everything new blends into the existing yard. Our goal is to always leave no trace that we were there. GTS is of the belief that any yard has the potential to be transformed, but most importantly the new yard needs to blend with any remaining existing yard and equally as importantly, property lines shared with neighbours.

Typically, older homes are subject to drainage problems due to settlement in areas and/or large trees have grown that completely change the topography of surrounding area. When planning a renovation, GTS considers all the grading, slopes and overall topography to ensure that any existing or potential problems are addressed and repaired. Grading problems can be very technical and challenging in nature. GTS appreciates that no two lots, or homes are the same, but fortunately the crew have ample experience to take on any new challenge. The ever-changing challenges make no two days the same and keep the team motivated.

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